Reese Brantmeier Project


Over recent years, the two tennis courts visible from my elementary school windows have fallen into disrepair. They are currently cracked, worn, weed-filled, and without nets: in other words, they are entirely unplayable. Unlike many children in the neighborhood, I had the privilege to travel for my training and competitions. I first picked up a racket during my time as a student at Washington Elementary and was saddened to see these courts be permanently locked due to their hazardous condition. I vowed that I would someday find a way to restore these courts to a playable condition and bring tennis back to my community. 

This project would directly benefit the neighborhood with access to tennis for hundreds of students and their families, along with others in the surrounding neighborhood. As a result of this restoration, children will have the opportunity to learn a lifelong sport through the school's physical education program. Tennis allows equal opportunity for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. 

It may be the dream of a student now to earn athletic scholarships or pursue a professional athletic career. Or, a student may just want to have fun playing with their friends and families. Either way, I want them to have every opportunity to explore all that the sport has to offer in a safe, inviting environment. Accessibility to tennis should not be a barrier for the children in our community. These courts would directly increase physical activity rates, cardiovascular fitness, and overall long-term health by promoting non-sedentary habits from a young age and for all ages. 

In my fundraising efforts, I have teamed with the Patrick W. Ryan Memorial Tennis Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. I have taken the first step in this project by contributing a $5,000 donation.  Donations are critical to making this project a reality. Your donation of any size would be greatly appreciated and show that you too believe in the difference this project will make

I am humbled and excited by the opportunity to restore these courts and share all the joys that tennis can bring with my Whitewater and Washington Elementary family. The growth I have experienced - personally and professionally - since the beginning of my tennis journey is immeasurable. It is my dream to provide this same opportunity to the next generation. 


Rosie Casals

12 Grand Slam Titles

Member of the Original 9: Co-founder of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA)

"The Reese Brantmeier Project carries a wonderful story of a young girl attending Washington Elementary and how tennis changed her world. Like Reese, my world was my neighborhood. Tennis changed my world by giving me an opportunity to change the world too as a pioneer of women's tennis. 

I support this program because we need to have kids play tennis and expose them to the wonders of the world. Restoring these courts would offer a place where you can learn and dream of becoming a champion. This is a worthwhile project and I call on all my friends to help however they can in funding and helping Reese help others!"

Dan and Greg Gonzales

Co-founders, President/Vice-President, and Board Chairman of the Richard Pancho Gonzales Youth Tennis Foundation

Son and nephew (respectively) of Pancho Gonzales, former world number one ranked male tennis player 

"It would be great to have these courts restored for the community's families, high school, and other players so that others can follow in Reese's footsteps and successes." - Dan Gonzales

"The Latin American Tennis Foundation is excited to support The Reese Brantmeier Project in the Whitewater Community Court restoration at Washington Elementary." - Greg Gonzales, Treasurer of The Latin American Tennis Foundation

Brian Kalbas

Head Coach of the University of North Carolina Women's Tennis Program

3x Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Coach of the Year

Winningest Women's Tennis coach in Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) history

"The Reese Brantmeier Project is an incredible initiative by Reese to restore the local tennis courts and help the community enjoy tennis as a lifelong sport. Our family has been involved in tennis for our entire life, and I owe my love for the sport to my parents. This project can help provide this love and passion to many families in the Whitewater area. Please help me support Reese in restoring these courts and allowing many families lasting memories together. We are all so thankful for Reese and her accomplishments to the UNC family and will continue to support her in all of her endeavors."


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